Protocon Pyramid is a specialty building for the Bloonsday Device. It costs $1000 Monkey Money (MM). It took $3250 MM to fully upgrade it. Beware: Increases the cost of Tribal Turtles from 85MM to 90MM.


Upgrade I: Reduces the cost (MM) of Bloonsday Device by 60%. (500 to 200)

Upgrade II: Increases ability use by 10%.

Upgrade III: Rapidly launches seeking missiles that does 20 to MOAB-class. (1250 MM).


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  • The missile resembles the BSM's Heavy missiles with a big explosion.
  • It is a Bloonsday Device with small planets going around it.
  • Buy this when you need 4 or more Bloonsday Device, or you'll waste MM. (1000+800 < 2000)